Introducing perspectives from the left, right, and center; Twitter, Ukraine, and Shootings
Trump's back on Twitter; Left outlets ignore FTX Fraud and Negative Economic Outlook; Right outlets ignore Ukraine, Climate-talks, and World Cup…
Deep dives on Trump 2024, FTX SBF; 🟦🙈 Left Minimizes Biden's Student Debt Relief Issues; 🟥 Right Minimizes Ukraine and Fed Rates
Left Minimize 🙈 Trump running in 2024; Right Minimize 🙈 Climate Change Summit
With tomorrow's election, the left vs right media divide deepens: Affirmative Action, Twitter / Musk, Elections, Joe Biden, Iran, Korea
Oct 27- Nov 3; Left is losing the elections and gets International while Right gets Domestic; Right largely ignores Brazil;
Oct 20-27; United 🫰 Student Loan Forgiveness Legal issues, Retracted Letter to Ukraine; 🟦🔎 School / Police shootings; 🟥 🔎 Biden Character…
Oct 13-20; Trying out a unified map of mainstream media, let me know what you think!
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